Slot is a rectangular area between the faceoff circles in field and ice hockey. It is sometimes referred to as the scoring area. The word originates in 1747 and means to cut or provide a slot. From 1888, it was used to mean “to drop a coin into a slot.” The sense of ‘to take a position in a slot’ appeared in the late 1940s. The oldest meaning is now obsolete. A slot is the space between the faceoff circles, sometimes called a scoring area.

The term slot can refer to a wide flat wooden bar, slat, perforation, or aperture used to receive a piece or slide it in. It has been a synonym for ‘deer track’ in some contexts. A bloodhound will follow a deer’s slot if it is injured. The slot is also used to refer to an area of a field, where a deer is wounded and is unable to run.

When you’re building a bot, it’s important to make sure that you map each slot to a particular type. For instance, if you’re building an airplane, you can map flight codes to a specific slot. For this, select the name of the slot in the Select Slot menu. The selected word or phrase will appear as a colored underline. Then, select it in the Slots tab. Once you’ve created a slot, you can edit or delete it.